Quick Reference Manual

  • Quick Reference Manual One of the most important elements in a first aid kit is to have emergency phone numbers and addresses readily available for those cases that require more than just first aid but require immediate veterinary medical attention. It is also a good idea to record body weight, heart rate (normal rate depending on size is 60 to 180 beats per minute), respiratory rate (normal rate is 10 to 30 breaths per minute), body temperature (normal range is between 100˚ & 102.5˚ F, average temperature is 101.5˚) and list any known allergies for each dog. It is best to practice taking these parameters ahead of time while your dog is resting in order to record normal values and to practice the techniques.

    Inside each kit is a Quick Reference Manual where one can enter this contact information and vital records about your pet. Also included in the Quick Reference Manual is the phone number for Pet Poison Helpline: 800-213-6680 or 855-764-7661 (there may be a charge associated with this service). Always check ahead of time with your veterinarian to make certain that buffered aspirin and/or Benadryl (diphenhydramine) are not contraindicated for your pet, as these are two of the oral medications included in this kit. (Aspirin should never be given to cats).