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With each purchase of Dr. Bill's Dog First Aid Kit $2 will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society.

Apply Muzzle

  • It is always a good practice to place a muzzle on your pet before attempting any first aid treatment, just as a precaution. While they may not intentionally want to cause any harm, sometimes they may try to nip or bite because of pain. The muzzle was specially designed for this first aid kit. It is a 4 foot piece of cord folded in half with two wheel cord locks attached such that it forms two looped sections. The free ends are connected with a zipper pull (this muzzle will not work on cats or dogs with short noses, like pugs).
  • One cord lock should be positioned near the middle, the other positioned near the two cut ends connected with the zipper pull.
  • How to apply dog muzzle - step 1
  • Notice that the wheel cord locks have an outer shell with a slot and that the flat side is oriented toward the front or nose. Inside the shell is a free spinning serrated wheel with the hub exposed through the slot. To have the cord lock engage the cord to form a loop just slide it along the cord toward the front. To disengage it, depress the wheel hub and slide the cord lock in the other direction, toward the rear or tail. This will release the tension on the cord and relax the loop.
  • How to apply dog muzzle - step 2
  • To use this muzzle, place the looped section that is between the two cord locks over the dog’s head and around the neck so the zipper pull is oriented toward the tail. Always remember that the free cut ends with the zipper pull should be oriented toward the tail.
  • How to apply dog muzzle - step 3
  • The front looped section is then placed over and around the dogs nose so that the cord lock is underneath it’s chin.
  • How to apply dog muzzle - step 4
  • Slide the cord lock toward the underneath portion of the chin so that the looped cord is secure around the dogs nose.
  • How to apply dog muzzle - step 5
  • Second, slide the other cord lock near the free ends with the zipper pull to secure around the back of the dogs neck.
  • How to apply dog muzzle - step 6
  • This will keep the dog from trying to remove the muzzle with it’s paw. To disengage the cord locks merely grasp the cord lock with the thumb depressing the wheel hub and pull back in the opposite direction.